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The American Council on Education recommended college credit for five of Coursera’s many courses. These are all important in the growing fields of Healthcare and Bioengineering, much of these fields connected to the US Private Space Program. Most of these classes are based in video education (like through YouTube).

‘The win is huge for us,’ said Vincent Kompany. ‘There are enough players in this team who really want to win. In terms of what this country has achieved at a football level is unique. You also have another avenue to invest in Silver and it may be in your pocket right now. Any Silver nickel or dime that was produced in 1964 or earlier is pure silver. Any time you make a purchase and are handed loose change, check the Silver and save any coin that predates 1964.

For growth, the agency has prioritized what it calls “hunting inside.” It expanded its capabilities to attract more business from marketers that are already partners, instead of competing for work from new clients. The Fonterra account is an example of that, with a growing remit regionally across Asia and the agency’s win of the experiential work in New Zealand. Colenso BBDO has also taken on some of Heineken New Zealand’s experiential business..

According to Gandhi, “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” If that’s the case, my fellow Americans, we’re a country of barbarians! We, as Americans, are guilty of immense animal cruelty and suffering. I realize that most people don’t even want to think about this as they’re enjoying a T bone steak or a barbecued pork chop, but the fact is inescapable. A lot of animal suffering and animal cruelty go into those neatly wrapped trays of meat you find in the supermarket.

Why did it take me so long to start thinking about my financial future?! Well, when I started working, fresh out of college, no one “told” me my options. I did not have a family, no big obligations, so I just spend the money I made. NOT WISE. However, I didn’t want to trust my intuition alone. So I surveyed twenty five professional speakers I had become acquainted with through our state and national associations. Included in my survey: the speakers with the most book sales, highest fees, packed calendars, and greatest reputations.

There were open shots aplenty for the new Cavs, and there will be more of those as they adjust to playing alongside Cavs star LeBron James. Two of the six 3 pointers Hood attempted came without a defender within 10 feet of him, for example. Two others came when he was open, and only two were truly contested.

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