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The latter agency presents a particularly vexing problem for this A List, as Royer had been an integral part of its culture for more than a decade. To make matters muddier, Droga5 fired a top London creative this month without explanation. An executive at a third agency on our list has been the subject of rampant online speculation about unproven behavior while employed at previous agencies..

We have been brainwashed into believing that anything we put on paper is there forever, a missive to the future about the past, a peek into the soul of the creator of the words. Hogwash! How many sheets of paper did you waste just practicing your penmanship? How many letters have you started with “Dear Stella,” only to throw it away after “How are you?” because you weren’t happy with the way “are” looked, or it just didn’t feel right? Did you save the pages? Did you black out the words with a sharpie and put it in a box you keep in the closet? Hopefully, no. You threw it away.

As Christian leaders, we spend the bulk of our time thinking about serving those with whom we share physical space. However, if physically proximate space is the only sphere in which we think missiologically, we might leave much of our social world untouched and ‘secular’. Missional thinking, if it is to recognize that ‘the earth is the Lord’s’ and thereby all realms are candidates for redemption, must increasingly focus on faceless relationships as well as the face to face, on American Idol as well as the relationships in the home.

When I first arrived for a tour of the new Canopy by Hilton Pearl District, a 153 room, 10 story hotel on NW Ninth Avenue and Glisan Street in the Pearl District, I wanted to get inside as soon as humanly possible because of the summer heat. The air conditioning thankfully seemed to work despite their leaving the doors open, but in my grenade pin haste to escape the outdoor conditions, I initially skipped over what turned out to be my favorite aspect of the design: its facade. Luckily Josh Peacock and Amy Perenchio from ZGF Architects, which designed the exterior of the building, were there to take me on a tour..

We therefore investigate such an approach, referred to here as simple3 tilt, emphasizing control performance that can be achieved in such type of tilting suspension problem. The aim is to provide a baseline design tool for control practicioners, in active suspensions of that nature, who may be more familiar with traditional PID tuning rules. Without loss of generality the suggestions in this paper can be considered in other applications of tilting suspension nature..

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