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“This is bittersweet,” said Foundation CEO Ollie Nutt. “We are very happy for Steve on a personal level as he and his family will be returning to their roots, but we deeply regret losing his leadership and contributions to our foundation. During his five year tenure both tournaments have undergone significant enhancements and we have enjoyed corresponding growth in dollars generated for charity.

It was so bizarre and creepy as all hell. I will never return to that area. 261 points submitted 23 days ago. Hold a team meeting and ask to be brought up to speed. Get project updates from your co workers. Let people know you’re back via email. And put down roots there like him come back home. Contribute to the community. This is the cover of Saturday’s Cleveland plain dealer one word says it all home.

Ceres follows a slightly inclined and moderately eccentric orbit, ranging from 2.5577 AU (382.6 million km) from the Sun at perihelion and 2.9773 AU (445.4 million km) at aphelion. Based on evidence provided by the Keck telescope in 2002, the mantle is estimated to be 100 km thick, and contains up to 200 million cubic km of water which is more fresh water than exists on Earth. Infrared data on the surface also suggests that Ceres may have an ocean beneath its icy mantle..

The tournament, in its 6th year, is run across 27 countries with local, national and international stages with the UK Masters Final this year (2009) being at the National Indoor Tennis Centre, Roehampton in mid September and the International Master during October in the Dominican Republic. Previous players have included, world No 6 Juan Martin Del Potro, France’s Gail Monfils and World No 3 Rafael Nadal who won the event on 3 occasions. 2009 has seen over 60,000 entries with over 3,000 UK entries across 17 tournaments in both under 12 and under 14 age groups.According to the RPT, whose training is behind the likes of Andy Murray and Rafael Nadal, the tournament is designed for youngsters of all standards to learn about the game and improve their competitive spirit and for the better players the opportunity of playing on the International stage.Adrian Rattenbury, RPT UK Director said “I’m delighted RPT has again supported this prestigious event.

The Hudson River Valley Ramble celebrates the history, culture and natural resources of the Hudson River Valley National Heritage Area, as well as the amazing landscape, communities, and trails throughout the region. What began as a modest event that was held during one weekend in September, has grown in popularity and in numbers over the years. This year, the Ramble takes place over three weekends in September.

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