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It is time to put Artists to their well deserved place and recognize the work and the dedication it takes to become a professional and successful musician. Art makes us human. Without music and art we would not survive even a short period of time if some disaster would hit us on this Planet.

METZL: Well, you just need some motivation, Ira. So the way I’ve set up the book is the first half makes I hope is the most compelling case for exercise as medicine. But I think many people over the past couple years have become increasingly comfortable.

Monitoring wildlife in the tiger reserve has been a major challenge for field staffers over the years. The rough terrain is interspersed by Mohana, Sharda rivers and numerous small canals and water bodies. Moreover presence of carnivorous animals, and waterlogged routes during the rainy season pose a great challenge to the patrolling teams..

Don’t even get me going on mobile phone use behind the wheel! Cyclists think they are above the law anyway so they carry on through red lights whilst negotiating the keypad on their phone. Life on the street has become so much more dangerous, but not for the reasons that you would think. Yes gun crime has increased, yes muggings have increased, but so have mobile phone related incidents and accidents..

There were about five trees between me and the elk (this was shot with a 50mm lens and not enlarged), but he felt rather protective of his large harem and was warning me off. With his big rack, I thought it might be difficult for him to negotiate between the trees and hoped I would be safe. Still, it was a risk, and this time, the reward was worth it.

Port Washington Road.That North Shore location will tap into retail customers in nearby communities and help Burghardt better serve wholesale accounts in that area, Kaul said.It also amounts to a homecoming of sorts. The Burghardt siblings grew up in Mequon, and their parents grew up in Fox Point. Other family members in the business include brother Carl and sister Kathy.Their father, Carl, joined the business, which was started by his great grandfather, in the 1960s.

Marketing to a geographic area outside of your hometown will boost your market share and help you keep pace with your competitors. Small businesses throughout the United States and other countries have gained international exposure and increased profits through exporting. In fact, the Small Business Administration (SBA) reports that small businesses represent 96 percent of all exporters of goods..

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