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Each bowled a near perfect over to leave RR short by just four runs. Warne probably slipped by sending a young Uniyal ahead of himself; the left handed bat lasted just one ball but it proved to be a precious delivery. Mascarenhas was stranded barely one big hit away from a famous chase..

“Oh my God, I feel like I’m dreaming right now, somebody pinch me, oh my God,” Shields said after the fight, according to the Olympic News Service.” She added, “You know not everybody can be an Olympic gold medalist. I’m a two time Olympic gold medalist. Oh my God, I can’t believe I just said that.”.

Especially if you’re a business to business vendor, nothing beats bringing a customer into the network. Maybe you could host a lunch with your clients that serves as a networking event. Helping your customers in these ways could end up being more valuable to them than the actual product or service you’re offering..

Have soared almost 60 per cent in the last five years in Canada biggest city, and are up another 3 per cent already this year. They not as high as Vancouver one of the hottest real estate markets anywhere but among the world major cities, Toronto housing ranks as the fifth most unaffordable relative to income, according to consultant Demographia.Toronto home prices inch higher, owners stay on sidelines amid worst sales slump in almost 10 yearsMacquarie thinks housing will drag Canada into a recession as bad as the financial crisis in two years and that’s the best case scenarioMillennials aren’t abandoning home ownership, just delaying it and the coming wave will be hugeAll that means is that a Canadian millennial, aged 25 to 31 with a median income of $38,148 (US$29,360), can buy very much housing in Toronto. Her maximum budget at that salary would be about $193,661, according to Royal LePage.

Think of how many times you heard the story of an actor who passed up the opportunity to play a best role in a movie that turned out to be one of the five movies nominated in the best picture category, because they were busy playing a good role in a movie that ended up a box office bust. It like that for you and me too. We have to think of every opportunity that comes our way as a chance to play a part.

“Technically, the market took a big blow on Friday. Strategist at Cantor Fitzgerald. “Now we have to focus on what will make this decline accelerate.”A dearth of over the weekend deal news on Monday had fueled concerns that rising interest rates might slow the flow of leveraged deals.

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