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Son rez de chausse se compose de trois pices. La premire, celle qui donne sur la cour, est immense ; elle est peine claire, la seconde est grande et le gaz y brle furieusement ; la troisime est minuscule et toute noire, des vagabonds somnolent dans la premire ; des marlous et des sclerats jouent et boivent dans la seconde ; des gens ivres morts dorment dans la troisime. ()Une odeur fade faire vomir, une odeur qui est un mlange d’une sorte de panade, d’eau de javelle et d’ipca s’vade de ces corps serrs sous leurs guenilles dans des collants de crasse.

And when I think about that statement from Nkrumah, I think about the country where I now live. This past year, I’ve been struck by the angry words and physical attacks aimed at people because of their race, their gender, their religious affiliation. Even though independence takes a lot of work and is a work in progress for nations both old and new it is a moment to savor.

Multiple POV by paragraph, but never more than two. No, its not the norm, nor what I learned at the start of this career, but it fits me. However, that mental editor rides my back constantly and I still screw it up. The terms of a real initiative would have been enforceable as part of a trade agreement with consequences related to a loss of trade benefits for failure to maintain real improvements. Instead, this plan is all optics, with no requirement that conditions improve all at before an FTA could be moved. And contrary to administration claims, many aspects of it fall outside the weak labor chapter in the FTA text, which relates only to “trade related” labor issues.

(“A reincarnated Bronco with the original’s fk you ruggedness ratcheted so high,” wrote the men’s magazine, “You’re not sure if you should drive it to the beach or the front lines.”) Ward delivered just nine Broncos last year. If you call him up for one right now, be prepared to wait at least two years. If you want an FJ, however, Ward promises that you’ll get yours by Christmas..

DETROIT 8:59AM Video turns on and it appears that the lawyers are in a sidebar with the judge. Hard to tell because only one of the monitors has turned on this morning. Hoping that this does not forebode technical difficulties in the courtroom this morning9:06AM Sidebar disbanded.

As an alumnus of Wheaton College who just went through a hazing scandal, it’s absolutely the worst. People arguing over what is and isn’t hazing, people crucifying teenagers and young twenty year olds for stupid actions, people not holding players accountable for their actions. It’s so polarizing and messy.

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