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And, in terms of hip hop culture, church and religion play a part in it, but also in just people’s upbringing. But also hip hop was started as a very egocentric testosterone, machismo driven art form. You have B boys that want to be better than other B boys.

The doubts and fears that mount over a prolonged slump will follow him to the first tee today on the Mighty Oaks course at Palm Aire Country Club. He would like nothing better than to slay them with his first victory in almost four years. “I’m not too concerned about my score,” Utley said.

The Miami Dolphins completed a whirlwind Tuesday open to free agency and massive linebacker restructuring by signing outside backer Philip Wheeler from the Raiders. Wheeler, 28, had his best season by far in 2012, his lone season with Oakland, where he had gone after four years with Indianapolis. He had 109 tackles, three sacks, two forced fumbles and six passes defensed.

He is disappointed with the Prop 8 ruling. “It a good victory. But we keeping the debate going and we should have ended it. For the upper two tiers